President Juan Guaidó

President Juan Guaidó

President, Republic of Venezuela

Juan Gerardo Antonio Guaidó Márquez. Interim president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela according to articles 233 and 333 of the national constitution.

President of the National Assembly.

At 36, he represents his home state, Vargas, as an elected member of parliament.

He served as Head of the Fraction of the Democratic Unit in the National Parliament. He has also had the opportunity to play different roles within his party, Popular Will, of which he is a founding member.

He is an industrial engineer engineer from the Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB), in Caracas. He also completed postgraduate studies in public management training at the George Washington University (GWU), UCAB and the Institute of Higher Studies of Administration (IESA).

Guaidó has always been passionate about public service, public policies and the transformative powers of the legislative in brining solutions to its citizens.

His interest in politics began during his undergraduate degree. For several years, Guaidó was an active student leader in the student community , at the same time that he excelled in his academic duties as an engineer.

His academic background and experience in different areas of local and national politics have encouraged him to devote much of his life to reaffirm his commitment to changing Venezuela.

As a result of his constant work and passion for Venezuela, Guaidó has positioned himself as a crucial political actor during these adverse times.

His main objective is to materialize the political change in Venezuela and to implement solutions to the complex humanitarian emergency that the country is going through. Guaidó also seeks to develop effective and sustainable public policies and promote accountability and transparency as a means to creating a more responsive government.

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