Rep. Mike Waltz

Rep. Mike Waltz

United States Congressman, Florida – 06

Michael Waltz currently represents Florida’s Sixth District in Congress, which covers parts of Northeast and Central Florida. He is a Colonel in the National Guard, as well as a former Green Beret Commander. Michael served as a defense policy adviser in the Pentagon under Secretaries Rumsfeld and Gates, later serving as a counterterrorism adviser to then-Vice President Dick Cheney. In Cheney’s office, Michael was not only responsible for advising the Vice President but also carried out his recommendations on the battlefield in the Middle East and Africa. His experiences led him to write a book. He later co-started a small business and worked as a Fox News contributor before running for Congress. Michael feels his most important job, however, is being the father to his teenage daughter, Anderson.

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Wed 28 Apr 2021
04:00 pm-04:45 pm

America's Global Soft Power Future