Congressman, Texas 23rd District, U.S. House of Representatives

Congressman Will Hurd, a San Antonio native and Texas A&M computer science graduate, never planned on being a member of Congress. Congressman Hurd was excited to spend his entire career serving his country by stopping terror threats and stealing state secrets as an undercover officer in the CIA until he realized that his expertise in cybersecurity and intelligence was sorely needed in Congress – the people charged with making informed decisions about how to serve and protect our country. Since being elected in 2014, Congressman Hurd has continued to blaze his own trail to deliver bipartisan results for the 800,000 Texans he calls his “bosses” by working with anyone – regardless of politics and party to help make sure our kids are ready for the future, that the country is safe and that the United States will always be the leader of the free world. Texas Monthly has called him a “rising Republican star.” His efforts to put good policy over good politics has clearly struck a chord in a country that is often consumed with what divides us instead of what unites us.